The Maladrone team

Dr Michelle Stanton

Project Lead

Michelle is a Lecturer in Spatial Epidemiology at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Dr Chris Jones


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Patrick Kalonde

Junior Researcher

Patrick Ken Kalonde is a graduate of the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) in Natural Resources Management (BSc). His field of research interest is the spatial analysis of remotely sensed data captured using drones and satellites. At present he is a pre-Masters research intern in the Vector Biology Group at MLW. Prior to this, Patrick was an intern in UNICEF Malawi’s Innovation Section. He has a passion for using geographical data to benefit communities which has led him to establish a number of initiatives including the LUANAR YouthMapper group.

Kennedy Zembere

Junior Researcher

Kennedy is a medical entomology trainee within the Vector Biology Group at MLW. His research interest is in behaviour, ecology and control of disease vectors. Kennedy desires to see a malaria-free world by conducting research leading towards the development and application of novel tools which will contribute to the reduction of malaria and other vector borne diseases. Prior to starting his Research Assistant position on the Maladrone project, he was a pre-Masters intern at MLW working on assessing the efficiency of a novel mosquito trap, the host decoy trap (HDT), for sampling outdoor malaria vectors.

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